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intj. "There it is!" or "Ta da!"

Can also be used as an introduction synonymous with "here I am".
Person 1: I just put a new word in the oodee. Have a look.
Person 2: Badow!
by The Grammar Nazi December 09, 2001
The word is used most frequently after the phrase "pick me up, let's get bombed" can also be used in any sentence where the action of getting bombed, or being bombed is being discussed.
"pick me up, let's get bombed.... BADOW"

"I can't believe Colin just shotgunned that king can...BADOW"

by --WALKER-- May 27, 2006
Phrase: Commonly used directly after an admission of success or victory; or in the sense of proving someone wrong and yourself right at the same time. Often in conjunction with a hand and arm signal such as pointing at a task completed, the middle finger and perhaps breaking something in celebration.
Pesky up-your-ass supervisor: Did you Finnish that report I asked for?

You: Yea I put it on your desk this morning BADOW

example #2:
Slut girlfriend: I'm leaving you

You: That's fine, I fucked your sister BADOW (followed by the middle finger)
by Dr. middle name February 07, 2011
as referring to an action or phrase that was above the normal line of "cool"
I scored all 21 points for my team in a game of 21, so badow
by bigg will April 02, 2004
Badow is a small city in the east of Germany, near Schwerin. There is a nice castle with horses where chirldren are on their holiday.
by Rike May 26, 2002
the sound of the inner thigh smacking the asscheek during sexual intercourse
badow! badow! badow! oooooooweeeeeee ! BADOW!
by michael li May 05, 2005
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