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White boy, orig. from the rural or small town South who is crazy about black girls, esp. with that badonkbadonk thing going on, but due to racism is continually frustrated in his pursuit of his ideal lover.
Male of the caucasian persuasian with a preference in females dictated by a slender waste violently curving out as it explodes into a juicy booty.
White girl with an ass like Beyonce.
The Chairman of the Board of Lehman Brothers referred to Stephen as a badonkahonkey as a justification for rejecting his loan application.
Don't waste your time mackin on that ho, g, she a rabbit chaser, she only into badonkahonkeys.
My sister-in-law can set a Champagne flute on her badonkadonk and walk across the room like she the badonkahonkey of the month cause she won't spill a drop.
by frownandpops June 09, 2010
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