Ass, butt, bum
Yo dawg check out the ba-doink-a-doink on that ho!
by jlouise December 15, 2010
Top Definition
Really should be badonkadonk. A common mispronunciation by white males trying to say badonkadonk.
Exclamation: Yo! Look at that girl's fine badoinkadoink!

Correct Response: It's badonkadonk, whitey. Thank you for playing.
by Schmoove-it April 22, 2006
A child-friendly word for sex.
Saying: "Let's badoinkadoink" in front of your children, is way better than saying:"Let's have sex" or "Let's fuck".
by Bo McLovin July 14, 2015
the real definition is when u put junk in ur trunk. As seen on chappel show on comedy central.
i think u know wht it means
by matt April 06, 2004
the act of having sex.
I am so going to badoinkadoink my boyfriend tonight...he he he...
by Dead Dani August 29, 2006
a word that belongs to monica. its just a word for fun.
Why should I give a badoinkadoink. (It can mean anything as long as it sounds right in a sentence.)
by Monica Bui November 29, 2003
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