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Actually a badmind(term frequently used in dancehall tunes)is a kind of jealous.I mean someone who criticizes another,that is to say a gossip folk!!
You too badmind!

Dem a badmind me but me nuh care about what they say!

Badmind people keep spying at me
by NaScAr December 09, 2004
Someone resentful of the fortune or success of others, wishing for their ruin, downfall, failure, etc. A term popularized by dancehall reggae.
Carl's such a badmind. He's hoping John will lose his new job.
by Zingaro July 22, 2012
to bad mind some1, ie think bad things about them (murder etc)
hey youth, be humble dont badmin dem fi dem tings
by Rastafari July 30, 2004
someone who is horrible.
nar how could you say that. your badmind
by ghetto thug sizzle October 19, 2003
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