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1. (v.): The act of doing anything considered by his friends as stupid. Always followed by the phrase "it up"
2. (n.): badango: An insult given to someone who is intellectually void.
3. (adv.): badala-ringo-rango: A tag word added on at the end of the sentence to add emphasis on the stupidity of the situation.
1. You go and you badingo it up.
2. That a'way to badingo it up with the badango.
3. I can't believe he badingoed it up with the badango, badala-ringo-rango!
by jDogg February 25, 2005
a color that is in between yellow and orange.
"That school bus is yellow." "No it's badingo."
by Shelby Emerson September 20, 2006
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