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1. A female, usually of the barely legal age range, who spends her time chasing police officers and offering them her 'services' in hopes of gaining status amoung her badge bunny friends.
see also holster sniffer, most commonly found at all night resturants and gas stations.
Do you know Leslie?
Oh, you mean the badge bunny? Yeah, I've heard that she's served more cops than Dunkin' Donuts.
by nobunny August 30, 2008
94 43
Proper noun: A female that goes out only with cops and firemen.
by Franko October 26, 2003
245 68
n. a female (presumably) who enjoys boinking and actively pursuing sexual relationships with cops

syn. "chip"
Becky takes alot of cop schlong. She's a real badge bunny.
by Nite Owl December 21, 2005
288 137