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moon of 14th, very beautifull and smart person. Someone who is one of the kind!
today is badar, it looks amazing!
by Badar April 27, 2004
Generally a good guy who gets all the gash with an outrageously big penis. Girls can not get enough off him.
Look out blondes, here comes Badar.
by thebadassguynextdoor July 27, 2011
A Badar is a retarded person which can also be called " BADARDED". The Badar is an animal-like human being, very hairy, annoying and hungry most of the times.

The Badar can hit you with maximum stupidity and may make YOU stupid like him/her.
Why are you such a Badar???
You are so fucking BADARDED!
by Vomarhk May 09, 2012