(n) A general term for a particularly nasty, disgusting, unhygienic or otherwise repulsive ass, irrelevant to its size.

Origin: a portmanteau of the word badonkadonk with skank and/or stank. Credit: Martini1179.
Chester decided to start attending church, partly because he was tired of hitting the badankadank living on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and needed to meet some decent girls.
by Martini1179 March 08, 2009
Top Definition
a rather large ass. mostly found on women of darker skin.
holy shit. look at that badankadank!

man, that is a huge ass.
by peter griffen December 10, 2004
Weed that is so incredibly dank that it defies use of the word "dank." Weed so good that if it walked into a bar a hush would run through the crowd and people would point and stare.
Hey man, my guy hooked me up with this killer shit for like 25 a gram. Expensive as fuck yeah, but this is straight badankadank!
by knickerbockers June 01, 2009
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