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(noun, verb)
noun: a person that uses their chemistry smarts to be super impressive and awesome.

verb: to act in a way that depicts your smarts about chemistry while also being cool.
Mr. P is so cool,
He doesn't even see,
How much we want to be,
As badacid as he.

On step-up day, the science teacher concocted a mixture that he had timed to change from clear to a brilliant red at exactly 1 minute and 45 seconds, and then back to clear just as quickly. However, he told the kids it would take 1 minute and 30. After the timer reached 1:30, he told them it wouldn't work, and then turned to the board and started writing notes. When it switched to red at the real 1:45, the students tried to get his attention, but it switched back to clear before he could turn around. When they tried to explain, he claimed not to know what they were talking about. After a few moments of stutters and confusion, he gave them a knowing smile. "That was totally badacid," one of the students said.
by imabadacid June 16, 2013
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