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a person who does evil things to others
bad guys always die
by exzau July 10, 2008
Al Pacino in 'Scarface'.
You need to point your f**king fingers and say; THAT'S THE BAD GUY!
by Garre August 23, 2006
Police officers
"Slow down, there's usually bad guys around here".
by aowejfoajoijaw March 14, 2009
1. Misetinger who can't spell and can often be a real jackass, but is sometimes cool.
Your spelling is almost as bad as badguy's!
by BDD February 05, 2003
An enemy that is in a move, video game, tv show, etc only one time.
*see also super villian
Kefka from Final Fantasy is a bad guy for only being in one game, while Dr. Wily from Megaman is a super villian.
by Ziggy April 22, 2005
this word is used when someone scolds you for something that you know is not a big deal but they insist on enforcing the rules
"I dont mean to be the bad guy here but you are not supposed to yell in the library" -Librarian
by wabbajack August 29, 2009
Bad guys, is a series on created by Chris Nosal. If you haven't watched bad guys yet, you do not belong to the kewl people and you get -1 cool points.
Go watch it!
Cool guy: Have you watched the latest "Bad guys" yet?
not-so-cool guy: Bad guys?
cool guy:*slaps* Go watch bad guys, you dickhead!

nuff said
by -Rabies- June 15, 2006
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