For Girls: Beer + Short skirt = Bad Decision

For Guys: Beer + No condom = Bad Decision
For Girls: "Oh man! I was so wasted last night, it was a bad decision to have dressed like a slut, cause had sex with that ugly guy!"

For Guys: "Dude! It was a bad decision not to bring a condom to that party. I was so smashed I forgot to put on a condom and now she's pregnant!"
by Bad Decision March 05, 2009
Top Definition
Are the root cause of most fun. And the impetus for almost every Epic story any dude has ever had anywhere. Also occasionaly responsible for unemployment or death.
I went out with the guys last night and made some bad decisions. It was fucking awesome. I still have that one Girls shoe.
by BadJohn April 16, 2007
A Mixed Drink
-Stadium Cup

Fill the cup half way with ICE

2 shots Cruzin Pinapple Rum
1 shot Canadian Wiskey
1 shot Peach Schnapps
1 shot Lime Juice
fill with green Hawaiin Punch

Enjoy... And make some bad decisions!!
My friend drank bad decisons.. hooked up with a whale, and made a bad decision!!
by NaLLa8705 March 26, 2009
A "bad decision" is when one is under the influence of alcohol and does something really fucking stupid.
Karen says she made many "bad decisions" while under the influence.
by smart ass rose March 03, 2010
The recipient of drunken sex, specifically sex that gets the giver in trouble.
Guy #1: "Dude.. I was totally a bad decision last night."
Guy #2: "Yeah? I bet she looked mortified afterwards."
Guy #1: "Nah, dude. I'm the best bad decision she'll ever make."
by Lexicon101 June 23, 2010
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