a naughty lil hottie who is into badass things...girls, guns, fast cars. he hisses like a cobra and has a snake in his pants waitin to spit. he makes ya wanna suck the venom rite out. if ya lucky, he bites.
did ya see that BADboy in the bush? i hope he opens up his jaw wide and swallows me whole.
by bkinz October 15, 2011
Fake Ass Wanna BE Record lable
Record Lable that Thinks They can compete wit 2pac but will never be able to because they are FAKE as a 7 dollar bill. They think the reppin hood life but they got no idea
P.Diddy is a faggoit ass badboy
by D June 17, 2004
a person of superior respect. orginated. 'why do you like me?!'...'because you're a...BADBOY'
Ross Painter the origional Badboy.
by Sarah Badboy Birt November 20, 2008
Something that is just perfect at that moment time.
After havin a splif, and a really dry mouth you get a cold can of something or other, this would be a bad boy.
by David Carmichael June 23, 2003
A male individual who just couldn't give less of a flying rat's ass about anything... including you!
Yo that's ill! Badboy just stole his moms rentmoney!
by venusflytrap January 15, 2005
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