A person who claims to be a true vegetarian but knowingly supplements their diet with small amounts of bacon, bacon bits, and bacon fat.
My friend Sagar, a true Bacontarian, claims to be a true vegetarian but also eats meals where bacon is added.
by Tyoung January 11, 2008
Top Definition
A person who supplements an otherwise normal diet with large amounts of pork!

They eat LARGE amounts of bacon or pork, in seemingly obscene amounts.
Bubba eats bacon for breakfast lunch and dinner. He is a bacontarian.
by g-diggity January 28, 2008
One who's diet consists completely of bacon.
Beans from Even Stevens is the only true bacontarian I know.
by masterofpiemunching November 14, 2010
A person who lives to eat bacon on everything. One who believes everything takes better with bacon!
Bob: Yeah, I like bacon cheese burgers!

Mack: Well I am a bacontarian. I eat bacon on everything... bacon burgers, bacon on pizza, bacon on dogs, bacon on steak, bacon on ice-cream.....

Bob: Ho down monkey Mack! Get! a! grip!
by Pizzamaster November 15, 2010
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