having sex with a fat person
i had bacon sex with your mom! ............ cuz shes fat
by Aleph Daylabutliker January 03, 2010
Top Definition
The act of either consuming bacon in a slightly homoerotic manner, the use of bacon during foreplay, or coupulating between human and swine. It is also rumored that this word was spawned during a closing shift at McDonald's.
I was channel surfing the other night, and I came across baconsex porn involving Donald Knotts and Hal Sparks.
by idbeholda October 10, 2006
Often known as Kilpatrick Filattio, but can be any kind of sex involving bacon wrapped around and/or stuffed inside appendages or orifices
S.C.: How 'bout it then?
S.K.: Mind if we try Bacon Sex?
S.C.: Of course not, sex is the second best use for Bacon
by Nachington November 21, 2010
When students from online schools meet together at a public function (ex. a dance or a party) for an orgy-fest or related debauchery. One or more members from said group bring bacon to the occasion.
Lizzie: Hey lets meet up at the dance for some bacon sex!
Alex: I'm in!
Nica: I'll bring the bacon!
by immatotalBAB September 22, 2011
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