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backyard bandits are people who steal men or women arse virginity's or just rape them it can occur anywhere at anytime but the term is most commonly used when you hear screaming from your neighbors backyard to see him getting anally penetrated by some deviously looking people, but you dear not help as they will come after you and police do not both as they are usually involved.

derives from the separate definitions

1. backyard; slang for the posterior portion of the human body; substitutes for "bum", "butt", and "ass"

2. bandit; a thief, someone who steals, then rides away, is usually very ruff

they travel in varying numbers be very cautious if you spot one, although it they are very hard to spot because they take any shape and form.

best advise is to run and dont hide with your bum sticking up
man that sarah chick is ruff i here she rides with the backyard bandits and sometimes joins in with a 12" strap on

oh no our neighbor andrew is getting done over by the backyard bandits again!...
oh wow he kinda looks like hes enjoying it this time

Eliza you backyard bandit get out of there!

jenna is walking like she dating a backyard bandit, what did she do last night?
by b-rad tizzle June 02, 2009
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