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When someone is so fat they have what appears to be tits on their back. Multiple sets are also common.
While walking behind someone to say "Oh my god he's so fat he's got back titties."
by MacRae November 05, 2006
37 8
When a criminally fat woman wears shirts far too tight for her pudgy frame, her bra straps push out on enormous mounds of flesh. Thus, these sweaty appendages take the appearance of floppy tits.
I was so busy staring at that whale's back tittys that I nearly killed her with my vehicle
by 1_tough_hombre January 30, 2008
14 3
back fat so big it looks like titties on your back. In some women, they are actually bigger than their real titties.
"Damn those are some big back titties"
by lkmoose87 November 17, 2007
10 4
this occurs when a woman is so fat she has titty like fat deposits on her back
"Did you see may?"
"Ya, she has backtitties going on."
by Thefartmasster69xxx#promlgswag November 09, 2012
2 0