A girl who says she won't go out with her best friend's boyfriend that she had for over a year but still goes out with them.
kim: don't worry i'll have your back i won't go out with him!
heartbroken girl: k thanks love you!
(1 day later)
heartbroken girl: what the fuck! why are you going out with him!
kim: i can't help my feelings for him...
heartbroken girl: FUCK YOU
(heartbroken girl talking to her best friend)
shes a backstabbing bitch!
by lishie May 13, 2008
Top Definition
a bitch who asks to know a something about someone, swears she wont tell the person, and then proceeds to tell
Sarah B. Jones in TX is a backstabbing bitch.
by bobby wally October 16, 2007
A sleazy, jealous, wannabe, blood-sucking, degrading, smile in your face, bitch of a soulless person who deliberately betrays someone more honest and takes advantage of people because they can't grow up and deal with their insecurities. They love talking crap about you behind your back. And they pay more attention to u when u stand up to their childish behavior.
Jessica V = The biggest backstabbing bitch to have walked on earth
by bxtchplease August 09, 2011
Someone who is one of your best friends, and then they go and tlk shit bout you to your bffs.
"that back-stabbing bitch was tlking about you today"
"dude wtf?????"
by guess who bitch. December 15, 2011
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