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Real-A term used in chemistry to describe a chemical reaction mechanism.

Slang-When a girl who doesn't know you are there bends over and you (attack/ hump the fuck out of) her backside.
Girly was bending over so i busted her up with a backside attack
by The Doug April 11, 2003
26 10
Proper: A chemistry term used to describe the transfer of electrons and subsequent bonding of a neucleophile to the back face of a molecule. The back side described is the chiral center, with subsistents in a tetrahedral formation facing away from the nucleophile. Once the backside attack is complete, the stereochemistry of the molecule is inverted.

chem eng slang: A difficult academic situation. It is often used to describe the difficulty of an assignment or a test. Synonymous with ass rape.
"Oh shit, that exam was a total backside attack!"
by Electrick March 16, 2006
86 14
1) The SN2 mechanism in which the nucleophile attacks the alpha carbon from a direction directly opposite to the C-LG bond. Results in inversion of stereochemical configuration.

2) When attacking a loved one from the back side
1) Wow that strong nucleophile caused one hell of a backside attack.

2) John: dude i went for the back side attack last night
Joe: Howd it go
John: Lets not go there.....
by morty foster October 24, 2007
36 6
Term used for the attachment of the nucleophile in an SN2 reaction to kick off the leaving group. In slang, it means to fail a test or have a lot of difficulty on a test, especially an organic chemistry test.
That orgo test just back-side attacked me, SN2 style.
by synchrohobbit November 19, 2006
30 4
Fucking someone in their asshole.
"Yo, last night was mad crazy when you gave me the backside attack."
by CHEMTROLL November 15, 2011
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