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Proper: A chemistry term used to describe the transfer of electrons and subsequent bonding of a neucleophile to the back face of a molecule. The back side described is the chiral center, with subsistents in a tetrahedral formation facing away from the nucleophile. Once the backside attack is complete, the stereochemistry of the molecule is inverted.

chem eng slang: A difficult academic situation. It is often used to describe the difficulty of an assignment or a test. Synonymous with ass rape.
"Oh shit, that exam was a total backside attack!"
by Electrick March 16, 2006
A branch of engineering that is vital to the sucess of society. They are kindoff the bastard child of chemistry, mechanical engineers and industrial engineers.

They run the power industries, design plants and the processes that go on in them and the machines and measuring devices in them. They make plastics, pulp and paper, nuclear power, hyrdo, petrol, as well as clean the water and the air.

Chemical engineering involves lots and lots of calculus, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, material science, electronics, physics and chemistry. We are the ones that decide if the vessel can withstand the pressure generated as the reaction takes place in the factory. If not, we find ways to fix it. It takes a vigorus course load and plenty of studying to compleate a degree in chemical engineering.
Chem eng ruined my life. My plant design project took all my time and energy.
by electrick February 02, 2006

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