slang for a gay males having sex...anal sex...How one would be behind the other person with his arms and hands over his shoulder thereby being like on wearing a backpack.

Like scissoring for Lesbians.
Aw...those guys look like they are going backpacking!
by PSBforver February 05, 2010
A situation where your female partner's ass is blocked with shit.
Oh Honey, i cant let your give me anal, I'm currently Backpacking.
by Sando75 October 23, 2008
the act of possessing (packing) a voluptuous rear-end (back). A quality exclusively found in the female gender.
That lil thick shorty I saw at the mall was seriously backpacking.
by madprophetrix July 04, 2003
An art of robbery..When one goes into anothers backpack/bookbag and steals from them any thing valuble whil there walking

yo i cant belive you were trying to backpack me

hey i think we shold go backpacking that kid..hes got an ipod
by Jimmy crack Corn September 22, 2006
A sexual position in which partner A is draped over parner B's shoulders and down their back (like a backpack), whereafter partner A proceeds to administer oral-anal sex (a salad tossing).
Want to have some backpacking this weekend?
by theVoid620 March 30, 2004
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