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Noun. A bribe, not to be confused with an aggressive action.
(after being pulled over by a policeman for speeding, Granny Pubby has a few tricks up her sleeve...)
"Would a backhander get me out of this trouble, luv?"
by Dylan Hewson April 15, 2005
A secretive handing over (usually of money) in exchange for certain favouritism (usually by some sort of authority)
The Businessman gave a back hander to the Politician in order win the large contract.

OR (NZ example)
Peter Sumonivich gave a back hander to Winston Peters in order to obtain a more favourable fishing quota next season.

The Pharmaceutical comapanies gave back handers to numerous doctors in exchange for them promoting certain medications.
by will_haveachat June 27, 2009
A payment given, normally in a secretive fashion.
Christine, are you giving backhanders to the butcher?
by After Miss Julie March 31, 2011
A gift, favor or compliment presented with sarcastic intent.
"Bob really dealt Mort a serious backhander with that awful birthday gift."
by Mega_Huge December 15, 2014
A slap given to the back of a person's head, using the dorsal or palmer side of the hand. This action is usually the result of a very irritating or stupid thing the recipient either said or did.
"If you don't shut up, i will give you a backhander"

"would you like a backhander?"
by aba March 27, 2005
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