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While in the doggy style position, a man attempts to slip their penis into the woman's asshole without permission.
My girlfriend got really mad when I tried to throw her a backdoor slider last night.
#anal sex #baseball #sex #euphemism #slippage
by downpat75 July 11, 2008
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When a man makes love to the crevice of a woman's butt by sliding his cock between her cheeks until he blows a romance explosion onto her back.
guy 1: "Dude I gave that bitch a backdoor slider last night!"
guy 2: "No way bro!"
#ass cheeks #sex #butt #titty fuck #slide
by schneider9688 September 26, 2009
whenever you transition to da butt sex position or da doggy styles. usually renders a women unable to sit for 3 days.....
Will: Wow Burto...Chris really did work on her butt.

Burto: yea i hear that he gave Kiera the Back Door Slider...

Will: ROUGH!
#back #door #butt #sex #anal
by William Hake August 26, 2008
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