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While in the doggy style position, a man attempts to slip their penis into the woman's asshole without permission.
My girlfriend got really mad when I tried to throw her a backdoor slider last night.
#anal sex #baseball #sex #euphemism #slippage
by downpat75 July 11, 2008
Pertaining to the sound(s) of unintended flatulence during anal copulation.
"She kept accidentally farting while I was ass fucking her, and it sounded like a chorus of rustic trumpets!"
#fart #anal sex #butthole #trumpets #music
by downpat75 July 10, 2008
In for sale adds, rustic is a euphemism for old and shitty.
Her vagina was a bit rustic, but I was in a pinch.
#shitty #crap #old #boring #house
by downpat75 July 10, 2008
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