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To respond to an order in an argumentive fashion.
I told her to clean up her room, and she backchatted me, so I grounded her for a week.
by Sabretoof May 13, 2008
14 1
Laughably teen magazine service on BBC Ceefax Page 577 - mainly due to its laughable content and embarrassingly self-conscious coolness. Any reference to this taboo subject should be as B*ckch*t.
Reading B*ckch*t is like having an enema, only with Super Noodles instead of water.

Bob: Did you see B*ckch*t yesterday?
Kev: Yeah, man! Busted are the best!
Bob: *smacks Kev round the head with pinking shears*
by ANBY June 17, 2004
11 9
The process of two people talking to one another and continuously going back to answer the other person's questions. This usually occurs during instant messaging sessions when two people ask a question at the same time.
I met this girl on Chat Roulette. She was really cool, but we back-chatted for like 20 minutes.
by Tyler Brach February 20, 2011
2 2
word used by neds in place of arguing
WATCH the back chat or go in to the hall
by David Richardson March 04, 2005
7 8
Also known as B*ckch*t, mainly by Ziners.
Sad domain populated by losers who need to have their opinions validated by the mysterious "Ed"
B*ckch*tter:"I like Mcfly. Am I the only one?"

ME:"FOOL! BW HA HA...etc"
by Skeletal Munchkin February 11, 2005
5 8
To read back through a chat box to get all the gossip one missed while away.
Simon always back-chats, so you can never talk about him on the IRC without him knowing.

I back-chatted late night and got to read the hottest lesbo cyber porn ever.
by CyAdora July 06, 2008
20 363