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A japanese monster (yōkai) that consists of a shadow with several eyes (sometimes a main and larger one) The shadow expands itself with tentacle-like shapes, that also end in eyes.
If you see eyes in the middle of a very dark place, it could be backbeard.
by Dark eye 03 September 15, 2008

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when hair runs from the lower back down the crack of your ass
is that guy rideing a horse or is that just his back beard.
by KY Kid June 25, 2006
Hair that runs from the side burns to the back of the neck.
Dude! look at that chicks back beard!
by Kory October 05, 2003
a term used when describing a girl who is extremely hairy, especially on the back (which looks like a bearded back). This name has been given to disturbingly hairy girls.
hey it's prabhjot! or should i say.. BACKBEEEEEEEEEEEEEARD
by JayD//- October 15, 2003