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The act of transfering rectal sluge from one persons browneye aka. poop shoot, to another pesons browneye using a turkey baster.

1.Yoou may use Astro-Glide before insertion.
2.Conistancy is usually watery, and the color fluctuates according to diet.
3. Can be ridiculiosly fun in groups of 3-4

*definition may also be recognized from the experimental film, You, Me, and Everyone We Know, directed by Mirand July.

Recomended eveyone try at least once!
Person a : Hey wanna get together tonight?
Person b : Sure what are we going to do?
Person a : We can poop back and forth!?
Person b : Sweet! Bring your Astro- Glide baller!
by kaydeelaydee April 10, 2009
exchanging shit from one person's anus to another's. . . and back and forth and back and forth.

Represented by the emoticon: ))< >((
pInKpNtEeeees: what u wanna do 2 nite?
lonliguy: lets play back and forth.
pInKpNtEeeees: ))< >((
by Robby, You, and Everyone May 11, 2006

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