Plural for back

The collective backsides, or asses, of a group of good-looking females.
<as a group of hot girls walks by> Damn dude, did you see their backs?!

... Look at those backs, wow.
by FreeBirthFreddy February 17, 2006
a slang word for the US Dollar.
Derived from the word greenbacks, for the USA's green paper bills.
by Alicia Notforbush August 02, 2005
Being awesome, feeling awesome, or doing somthing awesome.
example 1
Dude 1."Dude i just smoked that blunt"

Dude 2."How do you feel"

Dude 1."I feel fuckin back!"

example 2: "Holy shit i just caught a fly! im fuckin back!!
by 606 Brick squad big joe November 29, 2010
Section of the River Cam behind the Cambridge University Colleges where punting takes place.
"Lets take a picnic and bottle in a punt out on the backs"
by TimB August 01, 2005
a term used in rugby to describe the players out of the scrum
once the ball gets out of the scrum the backs will take it up the field
by BC mtnbiker August 01, 2005
backs does not mean getting behind someone in line, thats tails...and when someone lets you cut in front of them its called heads...
Since the teacher won't let us give tails, I'll give you heads and then you give me heads...
Damn, that sounds dirty...
by Shithouse August 01, 2005
An elephant's penis.
Carolyn rode the Elephant's back.
by Abscido December 10, 2010

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