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One of several potentially awkward sounds created by the body's interaction with air, this one the result of suction from when the lumbar curve of the back is pressed flat against a smooth surface and then lifted, making a loud fart-like sound. Back farts most often occur when having sex on linoleum or when shifting about in a tanning bed.
J: T and I were doing the grown-up in stealth mode on that big mahogany table in the conference room last night, and I pulled this massive back fart.

A: I hate when that happens. Were you embarrassed?

J: Yeah, but only because the janitor heard it and opened the door.

A: Zut! what did you do?

J: I told him to drop trou -- daisy chain!
by JohnnyAZ May 13, 2006
The sound of a back fart is made in the following way: Two naked people lie back to back and press the arch of their backs together, pushing the air out and creating suction between the backs. They then move apart, causing a release of the suction, which creates a loud, often disgusting, fart sound.
In lighthearted moments after making love, Mo and Sally enjoyed a session of back farting before dozing off together.
Mo: Oh, Sally! That was great!
Sally: Yeah, Mo. But you know, it’s not complete without a session of back farting! It's my favorite!
Mo: Okay, get into position!
by JungliBilli April 25, 2016
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