They do not mean u are fat! Or anorexic! I have them and i'm very healthy. i think they're hott.
Back dimples are hott!
by WRCherry08 September 04, 2005
Also known as: Sacral dimples, Dimples of venus or Pilonidal dimples.
I absolutely love them & find myself staring at girls lower backs all the time! (a bit strange I know) Very Sexy!!
Back dimples are the two indents on the lower back where the back bone meets the hips.
by AdeyP February 28, 2006
two dimples on your lower back. it means you have a hott ass
look he has back dimples! he must have a nice ass
by blahblah124 June 14, 2009
two lines on the lower back, they are genetic, and most men find them very attractive, they are not just for "fat" people or "anorexic" people. that makes no sense.
wow, that girl has some lushious back dimples.

wow man ! check out the back dimps on that chick, shed be a great fuck.
by littlelilyxox January 08, 2009
ahem* fat people have the fuckers too. And their proper name is "Dimples of Venus" the use of the term "back dimples" should be eliminated.
Homer J. Simpson
by yeah, i dont eat May 06, 2003
when a bitch is so nasty and anorexic that she has suacer like dimples on the bottom of her back
Man that ho has back dimples?
by dykeassbitch February 19, 2003

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