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a girl between age 10 and 14 who thinks she looks good. usually wears eyeshadow that matches her shirt, purple/pink sparkly lipgloss, hair all done up, a lot of cheap perfume, high heals, and self proclaiming shirts.
kathleen: did you see that little girl with the fake nails and blue eyeshadow?
megan: yeah, shes deffiently a babywhore.

by rockitttttt January 16, 2008
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A girl (or in some cases boy) who is destined to one day be a whore, she may be "naive" and silly, but she possesses characteristics of someone who will one day make an excellent candidate for a whore.
"Wow, she snuck into a...boy's...hotel room, she is such a babywhore." or "Wow, did you sniff her perfume, Paris Hitlon's new scent, yep, total babywhore." "Wow, a little revealing shirt you have on there, huh? Baby whore.
by Jen S July 21, 2006
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