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a post grunge-indie-spacerock-glam started in 1993.The group was fronted by indian born Jas Mann who had small sucess in the early nineties with his indie group, the sandkings. Babylon Zoo is considered as a one hit wonder due only having one hit, spaceman in 1996. his debut and 2nd albums (the boy with the x-ray eyes and king kong groover) had similar results, as both albums failed to meet the expectations.
Babylon Zoo songs worth listening to:
Animal Army
Is Your Soul For Sale?
by K666 August 06, 2005
6 Words related to babylon zoo
Intergalactic Spacerock for the 21 Century
This Boy can see thru your lies with his Bionic Eyes.
by Lord-Shiva May 14, 2005
1. Totally wack
2. Early 90s SpacePop rubbish.
If I have to sit through that babylon zoo shit one more time, I'm gonna smack that bitch upside the head.
by Dan K January 22, 2004

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