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as in cappuccino, for the designer-clad babes of pretentious NW3-types - who are so arrogant they don't even bother to make eye contact with the bartender
What do you mean you've never heard of a babycino - a cup of milky froth, for God's sake (mutters under breath: "she's got about as much English as our useless au pair")
by Diane Jamieson-Pond January 07, 2004
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A small personal cinema, sometimes found in the back rooms of millionaires' mansions.
House details may read,
"the house comes complete with 6 person sauna, hottub and jacuzzi, olympic sized pool and 10 person babycino with 8 by 5 metre screen and Dolby surround sound".
by marcus jamieson-pond March 10, 2004

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