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Barneys Bitch
Barney: baby bop, u satisfy all of my sexual needs in front of terrified children. hence, you are my bitch
A beloved green and pink dinosaur from the TV series Barney and Friends who is a comfort item for many girls across America
Sutton: I never go anywhere without my baby bop!
by Laquantashaydaquisha aka Sam January 15, 2009
One who is jealous, green with envy. They try to be on your level of greatness, but they SUCK too much to ever accomplish such a feat.
All these haters need to level up and stop acting like baby bops
by Bran_da_don April 14, 2010
to over exaggerate a story; act out something someone just said.
"we should chase baby bop"
"yeah BABY BOP COME BACK HEREEEEEE" ::flails arms and acts like shes running::
by babybopper May 25, 2009
a short indian person who likes pink and likes PIKEs
Baby bop is going out with another Pike frat boy
by DONTEVENWORRY April 23, 2004
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