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a babship is a relationship on another level and once your officially going out with someone you had a babship with its literally the most in love you can be, if ever you think your babs (partner in the babship) is lyeing or joking around you can say swear on our babship? (soobs for short) which is basically swearing on your entire relationship as friends or partners or whatever, if they say yes and you find out they are lyeing then you get a freebie which can be used to lie in a way, eg if you said i soobs i wont smoke and you do smoke then they get a freebie and are allowed to be mad but if you have a freebie they get nothing and you get off scott free.
i love her so much shes my babs, im in a babship with her <3

im so glad we have a babship its so much better now.

do you think our relationship has moved to the point where we are in a babship now?
by isoobs October 23, 2010
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