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Boys summer camps are always full of legends. One of the most well-known legends is Babooshka, who is a person who supposedly roams from bathrooms inside summer camp saying "wipey time". An urban legend of sleepaway camps. People joke around by saying that they are Babooshka when someone asks who is in the stall next door.
Ari (a camper): who's in the stall next to me?

babooshka (a different camper): My name is Babooshka!
by camper1234 January 12, 2011
1. Noun meaning biggest loser or epic FAILURE. Often used online in multiplayer games. it is derived from the word "babooshka" which is russian for Grandmother.

2. Another name for bazooka's
"your team suck, they are a bunch of babooshkas!"
"I'll snipe you with my babooshka!"
by w.k July 11, 2009
an extremely hairy pubic region on a female.
You should see the landing area on her. Babooshka!
You can wipe your feet before going in.
by fazzy-bhoy October 30, 2008
A female who is awesome and cute and well rounded in every aspect. She is a positive person, is unique, conservative, has talent and yet is not full of herself.
Your so babooshka!
Why can't i be as babooshka as her?
by Frederickvaineo November 04, 2009
1. Another name for the female genitalia
2. Another name for a stolen cat
Shut up or I'll kick you in the babooshka!
by Creeper49 March 23, 2009
The act of throwing a decayed penis at someone and making them suck it. The diseases the decayed penis holds kills the victim five minutes after the penis leaves their mouth.
George was terrified when he found that the punishment for treason was death via babooshka.
by Chillafinity May 31, 2011
Russian for honey, sweetheart.
I'm in love with my babooshka.
by HoneyBunny October 21, 2004