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A mellifluous name that Oprah Winfrey can popularize for BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
"How did you break your finger?"

"Fooling around in ba-jay-jay."

"Some chick snapped your finger when you had it in her va-jay-jay?"

"No idiot. Ba-jay-jay as in BJJ - brazilian jiu jitsu. But it was a chick who snapped it."
by Simon C. Dermer April 07, 2010
2 3
the act of oral sex as performed on a male member of the species.
"Rhonda's deep-throating bajayjay inspired me to rock her vajayjay!"
by scar belle February 23, 2009
6 8
slang for a female sex organ. (The vagina)
"Get your hands off my bajayjay"
"It smells like a bajayjay in here"
by The Kay September 15, 2007
7 13
a boil off a monkeys penis/vagina
i was just playing around with its ba jay jay and it bit me
by pimp daddy please July 18, 2008
0 9