Often pronounced "bah donk ah donk booody" it is an ass that protrudes a great length from the base of the spine above the hindquarters. most often approved of on slender women, can also look damn good on a big girl too.
Ki-chain has a bah donk ah donk booody!
by DW! May 16, 2005
a ass that can do whatever the hell it wants. a meaty ass.
Damn! Shorty ass wobbling underneath them shorts.
by vinchap February 16, 2005
noun an ass that bounces whe the bitch walks or when u bang her from the back like boing, boing
Damn, I have not seen a badunka-dunk butt like that since your mom's.
by Bootie Master November 06, 2003
a girl who has a bootie thst wont quit!
by DEEE DOOOG July 26, 2004
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