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indian movie and music channel. FOB heaven.
check out the hindi movie on b4u
by J-Smoove April 06, 2006
A popular Dance Dance Revolution song, written by Naoki. There are also two remixes done by the same artist, "Glorious Style" and "B4 ZA Beat Mix". Another, more well known among the Stepmania crowd, is 4F73R M3 (After Me), Made in Reason by SuperGreenX.
B4U is okay, but Glorious Style is way better.
by EnigmaticCoffeeCup November 14, 2004
the best DDR 4th mix original ever!
B, B, B, B, B, B, B-B4U

It's sung by NAOKI
by Bravely Folk December 05, 2003
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