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the l33test of the l33t, the b0rkatron will pwn anyone or thing with his/her l33tness
i r the b0rkatron f34r my l33tness
by rich the l33t May 04, 2003
5 7

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Someone who totally owns/pwns/dominates all else.
I would have to say that God = teh ub3r b0rkatron
by Pat March 22, 2004
9 5
the grand champion of the world that doesn't even care if people hax cause he still powns them in the mouth face piece anyways and don't even give a shit and just starts pumpin biggie small in the background and sprintin like 9 miles a day and is like yo i'm fast as fuck and makes out with coach vanatta
lil bennie snihooker derve snazz and johnny dills are all 100% borkatrons to the face
by dilloe October 09, 2003
7 8
tha bafroom - where I make poopoo
I went to the b0rkatron to make.
by Def Bommy May 05, 2003
2 6