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A "Bave" is a definition of a attention-whore that loves to spam a website. The word is not used often, but at many internet forums, people know what a "Bave" is. The word "Bave" strains from a famous and controversial danish-wrestling-expert.
"Oh no, he is baving the forum" or "Look at this "bave", he is spamming the forum.
by Bave16 October 04, 2010
46 12
Smack a girls butt without getting yelled at for it.
I baved the hot girl's butt and didnt get yelled at for it. Instead she smiled at me.
by Ibavedyourmom August 31, 2010
18 6
a basement rave
she's having a bave tonight
by ilovebaves October 27, 2008
7 8