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Often heard in the whereabouts of the St Georges british international school, this word indicates the chillest time of the afternoon. The act of sensimilia toking in fact is veiled by these simple five letters. B time can be both the bud and the act of toking it self. Weed, sensimilia, lambsbread.
Gr: "yo dude who'se got b-time?"
I: "i got b time! "
D: "i got b time too!"
T:'No sloshing way me too!"
Mrs. R " Me too!"
G: "!!!tokesss!"
Mrs. R: Yayy, splendid, B-time it is!
Gr "looks like were gonna have some well cooked bbbbb tiempo (b time)
by lalalaizthemothefukingbowdoubl January 10, 2013