Breakdancing boy; A person who breakdances.
There was a B-boy at the party last night that was just tearin' it up!
by Shea April 29, 2003
a part of the 80's hip-hop, break dancing culture, more than just some "poser" ( another 80's word ) that break dances at parties to impress chicks.
when my Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera hit 88 MPH I was suddenly sent back in time to 1981. I was greeted by a group of B-boys who had never seen a car like this. They challenged me so I put the petal to the metal and tried to run them over, they all bounced off my carbon fiber fenders, landed on their heads and proceeded spinning on their heads not even hurt. I got served!!!
by J.R.416 May 12, 2007
Term used describe a male breakdancer.
The term "B-boy" which was orignally "Bronx boy" originated in New york during the era and evolution of the hip hop culture. During the years the word has change into "Break Boy" or B-boy
which derives from the fact that the dancers dance to the "break" of a song.
A B-boy is a breakdancer who dances, to the break in a song, in a style using various gymnastic moves and body movements in an ability in which the human body may seem impossible to perform. Many B-boys tend to be recognized by their creative names, such as B-boy crazy legs.
"B-boy Twister can spin really fast."
"That B-boy knows how to dance!"
by BBOY NICK April 30, 2007
n. (bee-boi)

In contrast to popular belief, the TRUE definition of a b-boy is not simply just a male breakdancer. The main difference between a breakdancer and a b-boy is that a breakdancer is one who uses the hip-hop art form known as breakdancing to get chicks and/or to show off to his friends that do not know shit about breakdancing or perhaps anything about hip-hop in general; in contrast, a b-boy is one who expresses himself through breakbeats (beats that b-boys can break to) using various combinations or sets of breakdance moves such as:
-downrock (e.g. 6 step)
-freezes (e.g. single hand baby-freeze)
-power (e.g. flares)
-airtracks (e.g. UFO)

A true b-boy will add his own style to these various sets. These sets are innovated by b-boys through rigorous dedication and practice during "session" or breakdance practice. Any set that is “taken” or “copied” from one b-boy by watching another b-boy/b-girl is called a “biter”.

A real b-boy will break anytime, anywhere, and any day, when challenged or "called out" by another dancer or b-boy/b-girl in a "battle". In many cases, a b-boy will encounter a dancer or another "b-boy/b-girl" that is "straight up whack" or simply disrespectful, in which case a b-boy will wish to "serve his/her ass". But in many cases, a battle between a b-boy and another dancer or b-boy/b-girl, will have both sides showin' much peace, love, respect and even props.

Simply put, a b-boy is one who encompasses the essence of hip-hop through “the dance” or "b-boying". Thus, most b-boys think that krumpers are just plain whack.
B-Boy Hong 10 has created a monopoly on all power moves the involve the use of one's head. ~B-Boy Jason Ko
Source: B-Boy Pono, Madison, Wisconsin
by B-Boy Pono Pho March 22, 2006
B-Boy to me sums up a male (female is a b girl) that lives to the full extent of the Hip Hop culture encompasing the 4 B-boying elements, Breaking,DJing,Emceeing,and Graffiti art..but jsut beacuse you dont emcompas all 4 elements doesnt mean you arent a B Boy,It is mainly a mindstate..if you're a b boy, you know it
Just a B-Boy standin in my b boy stance
by Sean Daley October 12, 2005
A male who is in some way identified with hip hop culture (breakdancing, rapping/mcing, graffiti)
Sean is such a b-boy. All he does is spit rhymes.
by kayla December 05, 2003
The original dance of the Hip hop culture and one the original 4 elements of Hip Hop, the b-boy/b-girl is/was the title of the dancer who does the dance called b-boyin. Breakdancing is not accepted by most b-boys/b-girls in the Hip-Hop community since breakdancing was a term coined by the media. The "b" in b-boy/b-girl is disputed where most believe the "b" stands for "break" boy since the dance involves the break of the record. Other believe the "b" stands for "Bronx" boy since the dance as well as the culture of Hip Hop was born in the bronx.
Yo that b-boy has some of the dopest styles I've ever seen!
by SnackyCan November 20, 2010

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