not "break boy"! or "Bronx boy"

its not breakdancing its bboying
bboy stands for "beat boy"
because we dance to the beat

a bboy is a dancer of one of the elements of hip hop bboying which is the true dance of hip hop
bboy = beat boy =hip hop dancer
by bboynick May 21, 2009
a sick dancer with a hot body and a GREAAT personality who is a good kid but has the potential to be a bad kid. they live, eat, breath, sleep breakdancing and therefore, stay off the streets because of this hiphop lifestyle
B-boys are soooooo hot! Gosh, I need to marry one!
by LoveAngelMusicBaby843 August 30, 2006
A unique and fun-loving individual who likes to party, and often believes that it's good, it's good. Bboys are typically raised in New Jersey, but have been known to migrate to Pennsylvania.
That dude party's like a true B-boy. It's good. It's good.
by Vivafiniz July 08, 2009
A male who is in some way identified with hip hop culture (breakdancing, rapping/mcing, graffiti)
Sean is such a b-boy. All he does is spit rhymes.
by kayla December 05, 2003
Breakdancing boy; A person who breakdances.
There was a B-boy at the party last night that was just tearin' it up!
by Shea April 29, 2003
The original dance of the Hip hop culture and one the original 4 elements of Hip Hop, the b-boy/b-girl is/was the title of the dancer who does the dance called b-boyin. Breakdancing is not accepted by most b-boys/b-girls in the Hip-Hop community since breakdancing was a term coined by the media. The "b" in b-boy/b-girl is disputed where most believe the "b" stands for "break" boy since the dance involves the break of the record. Other believe the "b" stands for "Bronx" boy since the dance as well as the culture of Hip Hop was born in the bronx.
Yo that b-boy has some of the dopest styles I've ever seen!
by SnackyCan November 20, 2010
a part of the 80's hip-hop, break dancing culture, more than just some "poser" ( another 80's word ) that break dances at parties to impress chicks.
when my Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera hit 88 MPH I was suddenly sent back in time to 1981. I was greeted by a group of B-boys who had never seen a car like this. They challenged me so I put the petal to the metal and tried to run them over, they all bounced off my carbon fiber fenders, landed on their heads and proceeded spinning on their heads not even hurt. I got served!!!
by J.R.416 May 12, 2007
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