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The nickname fans use for Ayumi Hamasaki, a Japanese singer.
Crowd at a Ayumi Hamasaki concert shouting "Ayu! Ayu! Ayu!"
by teks August 02, 2004
1. A type of small fish.

2. A nickname Ayumi Hamasaki gave herself. She sometimes use "Ayu" in place of "I".
1. I had fried ayu for dinner.

2. Ayumi Hamsaki could say: "Ayu has a new album coming up, it's called Secret."
by FannyHanny October 26, 2006
Ayu means beautiful in javanesse (a language of an ethnic group in java island, indonesia).
"My name is Meydita Ayu Larasati."
by soontroye July 23, 2015
(1) A small asian girl who goes to school out of town and dates your best friend.
Ayu's also drive eclipses.

(2) A sexual act on a large balcony facing the street, also known as the "philly fake-out"
(1) THOMAS: Shes fine but she goes with my best friend.

DANIEL: Oh, shes just an Ayu.

(2)THOMAS: Last night I, Thomas, was having sex on a large balcony and my cousin James was hiding in the curtains. With perfect harmony and rhythm on my signal my cousin James leaped into motion and began stroking my girlfriend, hence, we pulled a "switchy". Then, cunninly i left the large balcony and ran down onto the next street and waved hello to my girlfriend who unknowingly was getting stroked with perfect harmony and rhythm by my cousin James!

DANIEL: Righteous bro!

THOMAS: Ya, we pulled an Ayu!
by Thomas "Ray Ray" Robinson February 14, 2009
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