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Aya Ueto is a Jpop singer that was born in Tokyo, Japan and was discovered in 1997 she was awarded a special prize as part of a Japanese National Beauty contest. Her music career didn't get started until '99, when she formed Z-1. After having only 5 singles the group split, and two years later Aya signed with Pony Canyon and released her first single Pureness. She has had 3 albums and 11 singles so far. Aside from music she also acted in numerous dramas and is especially known for her work in Azumi 1 and 2.
aya ueto was awesome in azumi.

aya ueto's music is totally awesome.
by chickensandwhich June 01, 2005
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The biggest Japanese female superidol ever. She's born in 1985. Her career started when friends told her she's so beautiful and she should try to do something with it. She attented a beauty contest which she won. That started her career.
She recorded some albums. She likes doing concerts, she often gets emotional at the end. She played in many J-drama's. In Japan, she's in magazines and commercials all the time. Her most famous drama is 'Attention Please' (2005). She played in the movies 'Azumi' (2003) and 'Azumi 2' (2005), where she uses a katana to slice up bad guys in pieces.
Since Aya told the public she likes natto, it became very popular food in Japan. Natto is good for preventing overweight. If she wouldn't be a superidol, she'd like to get a child care license - she'd like to be a pre-school teacher, for example.
Aya Ueto is so kawaii.

We want another Azumi sequel with Aya Ueto!

Pleeeeeeeease Aya Ueto... Record more albums!

I want to move to Japan because of Aya Ueto!

There's an Aya Ueto clone for every guy in heaven.
by mpmpm April 09, 2008

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