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A horny way to call ur boifriend while having sex
Ay papi damelo mas duro
by jacko March 29, 2005
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Spanish in origin. The equivalent to "Oh daddy" in English. 1. What a Tijuana whore says when she takes your dick out of your pants. 2. What your cheating slutwife screams in the middle of sex because that she has been fucking the Gardener while you're at work. 3. How a Mexican child greets a male parent.
"Ay Papi! Jew got a beeg deek por a leedle chinito."
by Motown John October 23, 2007
what you scream when you're riding shotgun and the driver is about to drive into on-coming traffic because you're scared shit-less and no other words would come out; a warning cry that has saved many people from a traffic accident
"We're alive today because she screamed 'Ay Papi!'"
by mknyc December 20, 2011

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