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axax is the bulgarian way to express their happyness in an online chat.
you can say axax = hahaha
Person: you suck
Bulgarian: xaxaxa pedal
Person: wtf? Oo
by becksorcist November 02, 2008
A common nickname given to blonde boys who are given the name Axel.
For the most part, these kids are found in urban areas and have friends who aren't used to the name "Axel," and thus create awkward nicknames.
Thus the nickname "ax-ax".
Joe: "Who is that guy?"
Crisolo: "Oh, that's ax-ax"
Joe: "Ax-ax?"
Ax-ax: "Hey! What the fuck, guys. I told you to stop calling me that!"
Joe + Crisolo: "Aw...Ax-Ax"
Ax-ax: "Fuck you guys."
by Crisolo May 17, 2007