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The act of slapping your hand between ones legs when they least expect it. If performed correctly it should feel as if a trout is flopping between your legs and the whole situation should become mildly awkward. This should be done to strangers for the maximum effect. *Warning* This act may make your victim uncomfortable enough to sue you for sexual harassment. Not recommended for making new friends.
"Steph was beat down in an alleyway last night after giving an some fool a kick-ass awkward trout"
"Cracka ass bitch had it comin"
by Joe R. November 20, 2007
n-the slapping of your hand repetitively between someones legs

v-(awkward trouting)the ack of slapping your hand repetitively between someones legs
"Steph snuck up on Joey in office class today and gave him an awkward trout. Joey then crossed his legs while he sat so it would not happen again."
by Roger Wyss November 18, 2007

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