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1) a mystical hawk that descends from the heavens to announce when a situation has become awkward. Commonly found during awkward silences and large gatherings of people attempting to engage socially. Hawk tends to flap its wings and squak so as many people as possible are aware of the awkwardness.

2) crazy man wearing an actual hawk costume. No matter the circumstances, will assuredly make any situation awkward.

1) Jordan: "then i said, 'damn! that's a huge bitch!'"

Brandon: "hahahaha....but dude i think im gay"

Jordan: ooo...ummmmm...
*enter hawk*
Awkward Hawk: Braaaaaakkkkk HAWKWARD

2) Jordan(answering the door): Hello?

Awkward Hawk: did you order a man in a hawk costume?

Jordan: ummmm... no...

Awkward Hawk: well...this is awkward
by brandjo August 23, 2008
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