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a specially designed instrument used to measure the awesomeness exuded by an individual. The degree of awesomeness is measured in awesiums. Watch out though individuals who display extreme levels of awesomeness, adorability, sweetness and brilliance are bound to melt their meter due to the immeasurability of their amazingness.
glow worm 1: you're awesomometer has broken 1 million and 1 times... without fail... you're one amazingly awesome glower
glow worm 2: awwww thank you... i'll buy you a new awesomometer but
glow worm 1: see... there you go being so awesome again. gotta love you.

awesomometers are excellent instruments and if your meter shatters, it means you are truly someone spectacular and are out of this world! xxx
by mallowmarsh June 27, 2010
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