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One who is truly and natively awesome.

This word is derived from "awesome", meaning excellent; and "-ite", meaning a native or resident of.

Thus, an awesomite is one who is very awesome.
My best friend is such an awesomite! She got me front row tickets to Lady Gaga for my birthday!
by miss moxie April 12, 2010
Anyone deemed awesome by members of Team Awesome and/or Mr. Awesome.
AJ - Dave, do you think Mike is an Awesomite?

Dave - I don't know, why don't we ask Mr. Awesome...

Mr. Awesome - Dave and AJ, judging by Mike's awesome attitude, I deem him an Awesomite.
by Head Awesomite May 11, 2009
A mixture of "awesome" and "ultimate". Something very, very cool.
1.) Whoa! That move is so awesomite!
2.) Did you see Pirates of the Carribean? That movie's awesomite!
by Zilotakano February 18, 2004
the name of my self proclaimed cult...

the leader being "The Awesomite"...

folowers being "Awesomitians" (aka: awesomites)...

members have an obsession with being awesome at all times...

cult colors include orange and black...

often confued with being a gang
The Awesomite leads the cult of halloween... (none of that kid shit)
by Damious August 28, 2006

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